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The Keystone Charter School is committed to the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges that parents share the school's commitment to the educational success of their children.

      The Keystone Charter School recognizes that a child's education is a responsibility shared by the school and family and agrees that to effectively educate all students, the schools and parents must work as knowledgeable partners.

      We define parent and family involvement as an on-going process that assists parents and families to meet their basic obligation as their child's first educator, promotes clear two-way dialogue between home and school, and supports parents as leaders and decision makers at all levels concerning the education of their children.

    To this end, a written plan for Title 1 parent involvement that establishes programs and practices to enhance parent involvement and reflects the needs of students and families will be jointly developed by parents and school staff. The plan will be unique to each school and provide a sense of direction for designing initial and on-going activities.

      The plan will also include a school-parent compact and support the development, implementation and regular evaluation of the parent involvement program by parents. Implementation of the plan will be a priority of the school community.

     The Keystone Charter School was established to provide educational alternatives that address the needs of a wide variety of students who have difficulty functioning in the traditional public school environment. The intent of the Keystone Charter School is to afford students the opportunity to gain positive educational experiences, to earn a high school diploma, to develop marketable skills and to develop the necessary work ethic needed for post high school success. The school will also address the behavioral and emotional needs of each child. 

     We believe that all students will learn, but not in the same way. The Keystone Charter School will employ teaching strategies that meet the needs of the children. It is essential that our students have the opportunity to learn by doing and to learn by teaching. These opportunities will be afforded through cooperative learning techniques. Cooperative learning teaches values of cooperation, builds community in the classroom and teaches basic life skills. There will also be opportunities for independent learning as well as for teacher-centered group learning. Ample flexibility for students to work independently as well as in small groups will be provided.

> To develop marketable skills and work ethic for post 
high school success
> To acquire the communication for listening, speaking,  
reading, writing and understanding
>To understand and analyze the basic mathematical tools
needed for life
> To acquire knowledge, appreciation and skills in the    
practical arts, humanities and sciences
> To develop the attitudes and practices necessary to    
maintain a physical well-being and a healthful and 
safe environment
> To provide a supportive environment which encourages
individual growth
> To demonstrate appropriate social interaction skills   
and life skills
> To increase to student's feelings of self-worth and      
esteem through positive reinforcements
> To demonstrate the skills and maturity needed to 
function well in the workplace
> To instruct students how to set and achieve realistic  
goals and accept responsibility

      Keystone Education Center,  425 Good Hope Rd, Greenville Pa 16125     724-588-2511